The Resuscitation Council recommends that clinical staff should update their resuscitation skills annually.

We know that it can be difficult scheduling training to fit in with busy work schedules so we try to make it easier for you by offering flexible courses at your practice daytime, evenings and at weekends at no extra cost.

Our paramedic trainers all have extensive experience in accident and emergency medicine in addition to their skills as first aid instructors.

We believe that their knowledge and experience is invaluable in helping you plan for and manage emergency medical situations which may arise in your surgery or clinic.

If you are not sure which course you need or would like help assessing your needs, please call us.

As well as reviewing all your emergency procedures and offering advice on treatment and development where appropriate.

All our staff is highly trained, motivated and dedicated to offering the medical professional and your profession the highest quality development and training available in the UK.

This course is for learners who wish to update or refresh their basic life support (BLS) skills, it also for those who have a duty of care such as health care professionals ie nurses and doctors.

The course can also be used as part of your continual professional development (CPD) programme.

The course will not only refresh your practical skills but will also update you on any resuscitation guideline changes within the previous twelve months.

  • Assessing the casualty and situation
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • The unconscious casualty
  • Choking
  • Introduction to the AED or recap training

3 hours

Training ratios

Minimum 1:6 people
Maximum 1:12 people

  • Certificate of competency issued by Sussex Dental First Training meets CPD requirements
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – adult, child and adult

At Sussex Dental First Aid Training believe CPR is a life skill which when done well, can and does make a huge difference to the emergency care of your patients especially when used in conjunction with the AED.

We teach to the most current ​European Resuscitation Council guidelines, placing emphasis on both the practical and physiological areas of effective CPR.

Qualsafe registered


​On-site training at a venue, date and time to suit you​
£40 per person
£300 group rate
(max 12 people)

Further information

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Qualsafe registered


​On-site training at a venue, date and time to suit you​
£40 per person
£300 group rate
(max 12 people)